OSU Team

OSU's Extension in the City Team

The OSU Extension in the City team includes OSU Extension representatives from all OSU Extension program areas and all of Ohio's large cities. The team brings people and ideas together.

The team operates through Action Teams focused on:

Julie Fox provides strategic leadership for OSU Extension in the City. Contact Julie at fox.264@osu.edu

Types of Team Members

If you would like to become a member of this Team, you have options. This helps cliffy expectations and commitment - you may switch member type at any time.

  • Core Members. Those persons central to the formation and operation of the team. Members who are or will be the owners of the purposes, goals, and actions of the team, demonstrate its core values, fulfill its roles and responsibilities, and operate the team effectively in order to serve the team’s clients and stakeholders. Members of the core team give leadership to working groups and address opportunities/issues related to statewide funding, research, communications, and development.
  • Affiliate Members. Team members who have a particular interest in participating in one or more of the working groups – identify priorities/specific significant goals and address opportunities/issues related to the working group's funding, research, communications, and development.
  • Information Members. Team members who want to receive and contribute information, but are not active in ongoing workings of the team. They can become affiliate members if they assume an identified role or task for the team. These members may provide links to resources that advance improvements with OSU Extension in the City.

External Advisory

Advisory Committees are critical partners in helping us assure we are relevant. Local and statewide advisory groups provide insight into emerging needs of Ohio's citizens, help identify priorities, and serve as volunteer advocates to public officials and other stakeholders. Statewide committees are featured here and local Ohio communities have at least one advisory committee to serve the same function on the local level.

External Communications

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