Entrepreneurial Management Introductory Guide

This Urban Extension Entrepreneurial Management Introductory Guide provides easy access to resources to ______________
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This section brings together management theory and practice from multiple perspectives.

  • Entrepreneurial Management (strategic orientation, resource orientation, management structure, reward philosophy, and entrepreneurial culture).
  • Management Competencies identified by Urban Extension Directors around the country. 
  • Management Strategies. Taking a facilitating approach to the management of tasks, people, and ourselves can influence our results as we plan, organize, implement, and control.

There are many management topics we deal with in our urban Extension work, so continue to focus on your priorities.

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Multimedia Resources


Academy of Management

A Paradigm of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Management

An Operationalization of Stevenson’s Conceptualization of Entrepreneurship as Opportunity-based Firm Behavior

Entrepreneurial Orientation Versus Entrepreneurial Management: Relating Miller/Covin & Slevin's Conceptualization to Stevenson's

The Relationship between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

Entrepreneurial Motivation

Managing Tasks (goals, change, problems, results, work activities - resource acquisition, alignment, management; reporting purposes and processes)

Leadership Without Easy Answers (free eBook)

Adaptive Leadership (videos)

Inquiry Institute - Change your questions, change your life

The TOWS Matrix - A Tool for Situational Analysis

Complexity leadership theory: An interactive perspective on leading in complex adaptive systems

Frames, Biases, and Rational Decision-Making in the Human Brain

Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change and Accelerate

Understanding and Facilitating Organizational Change in the21st Century

Resistance to Change: A Literature Review and Empirical Study

2013 Culture and Change Management Survey

Force Field Analysis Worksheet

Journal of Change Management

Scenario Planning

Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy

American Evaluation Association

A Field Guide to Ripple Effects Mapping

Web Literacy - Is that information authentic?

Managing People (inter-unit relations, teams, communications, rewards, learning)

Society for Human Resource Management

Association for Talent Development

National Extension Conference on Volunteerism

Entrepreneurial Teams: Definition and Performance Factors

Collective Cognition: When Entrepreneurial Teams, Not Individuals, Make Decisions

The Role of Human Resource Management in Risk Management

Managing Self (integrity, emotions, development)


Perspective on the study of work-life balance


University Extension Support Units (Human Resources, Business Office and Finance, Operations/Policies, Real Estate, Facilities, Equipment, Grants and Contracts, Legal, Information Technology, Equity and Inclusion, Government Affairs, Advancement)

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