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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Being a part of the city is a privilege for faculty and staff working with urban serving universities. Metropolitan communities are filled with unique opportunities for teaching, research, outreach, and communications. Additional resources are included throughout the website. To suggest additional resources that should be included in this collection, contact Julie Fox.

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Professional Development
The learning opportunities begin with awareness, and build through levels of engagement. These online resources advance the development of Extension professionals, are competency-based, and incorporate interactive digital delivery with hands-on active learning.
* Urban Extension Professional Orientation
* Just-in-Time Learning in the City - Independent learning modules address specific knowledge needs for rapid response to opportunities in the city.
* Leadership in the City - Comprehensive 10-module course for urban Extension professionals leading teams, programs, support units, and other project initiatives in the city.
* Advanced Learning Opportunities - New resources are being developed for urban Extension professionals with multiple years of experience.

The Library organizes references from the literature, key historical documents, scholarly publications, links to National Urban Extension Conferences, and more.

Interactive Historical Timeline

National Urban Extension Leaders